(because shopping for mortgages isn’t nearly as fun as shopping for homes…
unless you’re a mortgage nerd like us)


“If you want someone with lots of experience, connections to plenty of lenders to get you the best rate, and a team to get things done quickly, I highly recommend Derek Loose.” — David V.M.


You know our services are free, right?



Our form is encrypted for your security

You can submit a partially completed form

There’s no cost or obligation attached


Wondering what makes our team of mortgage brokers different?

(we meditate with butterflies every morning… JK, just watch the video)





“Are your services really free?”

Yes. We don’t charge any additional fees to the purchaser, nor do we take a cut from the sale. We get paid by whichever lender the purchaser decides on. Having said this, we are not biased to certain lenders; we’ll always show you your options and give professional advice surrounding them. At the end of the day, the choice is yours—we just seek out the best opportunities.

“Why should I get a pre-approval? And when should I apply for one if so?”

You should apply for a pre-approval before you even start shopping for homes. Yes, paperwork is much less exciting than touring houses, but it will save you a lot of stress. First of all, you’ll need a pre-approval to know what price range you can afford. Finding your dream home then realizing it’s outside your price range is an awful feeling. Then when you find a house that makes you giddier than a hobbit at a feast, you can make an offer right away since you’re pre-approved. Without the pre-approval, the process will take much longer and may jeopardize your chances of securing the house.

“You’re asking for a lot of personal information online. Is the form secure?”

We completely understand. We do ask for a lot of personal information, so we’ve encrypted our form for your safety. We would never jeopardize our clients or their information. Having said this, if you’d like to submit your information another way, please let us know by emailing dloose@dominionlending.ca.

“Why should I use a Mortgage Specialist?”

Because we’re good at what we do—and what we do is find you the best mortgage for your situation. We have experience in many areas that are unfamiliar to people outside the industry, like navigating down payment options or declines. We have more connections than the banks do which makes for a fair yet speedy process. Did we mention our services are free?